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A Little Note About Fabrics


Just a little observation this afternoon. Working with fabrics is not just a hobby for me. It is a lifestyle. Fabrics hold our emotions within them so to speak. We make them into clothing and items that make our life easier but the emotional attachment is just as important. Think about it, where would Linus be without his fabric blanket? We may love our jeans, a favorite shirt, a certain pair of socks, a uniform, dishtowels, pillowcases, blankets, or afghan without thinking about why, we just love unconditionally. We love them or hate them due to our emotional attachment or detachment in the case of the revulsion that we may have to the item. We celebrate within the boundaries of our clothing and want it to be comfortable. We are often sad at the passing of an article of clothing and may try as we might to preserve it, not caring what is in style or if anyone would notice the hole in the inappropriate location. We keep it and wear it anyway, maybe just not everywhere. Yes, when choosing fabrics for clothing or household, we must choose wisely for it may be around a while.

My favorite fabric is silk. A natural fiber, the bi-product of butterfly development. It is the most beautiful fabric out there, being the strongest, longest and most durable natural fiber that is available on the planet. There is one main problem, it’s expensive. Some people argue against the use of it because they say it is too expensive and difficult to clean. The truth of the matter is that it is a protein, just like your hair and can be washed in a shampoo! Who tells you that? NO ONE, but I did. The care label may say “dry clean only” but that is because it is the label available at the manufacturing plant. It can be washed by hand, in your sink with cold water, shook out and hung to dry.  I personally have used the gentle cycle of the washer too, results were fine but I had to iron afterward. No dryer involved but some sturdier silks can take the dryer, I am just not a fan of that process. Hang it up, it will be just fine. Honest. The other qualities of silk are that it holds the dye better, keeps you warm because of the  natural denier, feels fabulous and lasts much longer than most would expect due to it’s strength. It is resistant to sun damage and fading, a big plus! Most manufacturers attempt to resemble silk in some way by one of those factors, either producing the hand and feel of silk, the color qualities, the strength or softness. Ahh but there is only one original fiber of it, nothing really reaches the trueness of silk, everything else is just the imitation. We choose the imitation for the convenience of washing machine care and to reduce the expense. Think about this though, it was the choice of the ancients for royalty and should we all not feel royal once in a while? Are we all not equal as humans?  So my challenge to you is to seek out something made of real silk and indulge yourself sometime in something special, just for you – silk.


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Photo by Digital Buggu on Pexels.com

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