Welcome to the Humble Home

New to the blogging world but not to the makings of a humble home. My name is Holly and I am a retired home ec teacher. Yes, you can laugh and grin but can you put in that hem? LOL I love the arts of design and fabrics but I also know my way around managing a home and many things to share from the kitchen, decorating and gardening. What I don’t know I can discover. So some each day I will be posting practical tips and ideas that can save you time, money and energy and that I Know that work. I love to share and so if you have things that you would like to add, please let me know. Or if there is something that you would like to change, feel free – Life is an experiment. It’s Showtime!

I am just now getting things posted on social media and some things are out of order but shared just the same. I hope that you enjoy the adventure with me.

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