Halloween Fun

There is no other holiday like Halloween where one can become anything the imagination will allow. Decorations and costumes are all meant in fun and jest. Do they become offensive? Probably if one goes too far into the political arena and so it is best to stay away unless you are among like-minded individuals who get what you are doing. This year I have decided to host Witches Night Out which is an idea gleaned from an event hosted by my childhood hometown. Women only attend the event where tickets are sold to enter the community (it’s a very small town/hamlet) and the shops, restaurants and vendors cater to their wine-loving needs. Music is provided and contests are produced. On the small scale of my home we will have wine, punch, beer, soda and tidbits along with white chili and games. Prizes will be awarded for best broom, best hat and best costume. It is hoped that everyone will have fun, play ghostly games and enjoy a ladies night out away from kids, schedules and responsibilities. It’s all in fun.

On the next several posts will be the recipes for the tidbits and some information on games and conversation starters that make the cut to be used for this occasion. Life is short- have some fun!


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