Home Moving Haitus

Hello to everyone interested in my blog – that would be just a few of you. I took a Haitus – a really long one to move to Florida! I moved at the hottest time of the year here but it is about to become Paradise. The first sign of the fall change here is the ending of daily rain, sometimes thunderstorms, and a little hint of the fall feeling in the air. It is still very warm in the daytime but quite pleasant in the mornings and at night. Soon we will be able to sleep with the windows open and keep it that way most of the day. I learned a lot about moving on my own – not entirely on my own as you cannot do this alone but making the big decisions and signing those papers on my own. It’s a lot of responsibility and stressful, I must say but with each step and decision, it became very satisfying. This time last year I was just thinking about the idea of moving from the Midwest to Florida and listing reasons why and why not. Obviously the why won out.

At any rate I am back for good and now that I am settled I am able to share things on here once again. Last when I was posting I was doing KETO which is a great way to cut the carbs and get the diet evened out but I discovered for myself that I prefer Paleo. Paleo eliminates milk products and many wheat products. KETO had no wheat either but all that cheese and milk products were not working for me. So it’s Fruit, Veggies, Proteins for me with EVO and Butter for fats. I love my cookbooks and I do use KETO recipes that do not contain a lot of fat or milk. Sometimes a good cheesecake is ok as long as it is not a regular thing for me. Mostly it’s good for me to graze. LOL

Until tomorrow!


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